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The talented Korean-American actor Young Mazino has been captivating audiences and winning over hearts with his performances. But he is passionate about performance in ways that go far beyond acting.

Despite receiving formal music training, Young has always been passionate about theater and movies. This article will study Young Mazino’s unique bio and evaluate his age, height, net worth, etc.

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Young Mazino Wiki/Bio

In 2023, this remarkable guy, born on August 12th, 1990, just celebrated turning 32. He is Leo by zodiac sign. Due to his youthful enthusiasm and undeniable talent, young Mazino has accomplished so much in his profession at a young age.

His tremendous talent makes age irrelevant, as evidenced by the spectators’ awe at his acting prowess. Follow this talented young actor’s amazing career as he continues to leave a lasting effect on the entertainment industry by staying tuned!

After completing his high school graduaction, he left his study and fullfilled hisdesire and got acting training from Stella Adler Studio of Acting in 2018.

Real NameYoung Mazino
Age33 (as of 2022)
Date of BirthAugust 12th, 1990
BirthplaceMaryland, USA
HometownMaryland, USA
Zodiac SignLeo
CollegeNot Known
Famous ForActing

Young Mazino Family and Ethnicity

In Young Mazino’s family, only a little is easily known. However, we are aware that his parents are Korean immigrants. He holds Korean ethnicity and American nationality.

Although the specifics of his family history are unknown, it’s important to note the enormous influence and support his parents have had on him throughout his journey. His parents, Korean immigrants, are the source of young Mazino’s love of the arts. Family is essential in the development and nurturing of talent.

Young Mazino Age Height and Weight

As Young Mazino’s age is 33 years. He commands attention with his commanding presence as he stands imposingly at 6 feet (1.83 meters) tall. His well-maintained physique also attracts notice, in addition to his height. His physical beauty on television is enhanced by his average weight of 75 kg and his balanced, athletic build. The young Mazino is undeniably attractive, whether captivating audiences with his acting abilities or winning hearts with his personality, height, and weight only serve to accentuate this.

Young Mazino Girlfriend

Young Mazino is unmarried right now. While he tries to keep his personal life private, which fascinates admirers and bystanders. Nothing is known about his relationship or girlfriend’s situation. This enigmatic manner adds mystique to his already seductive presence. 

Young Mazino puts his job and skill before everything else, even though we may not be privy to his romantic affairs. He maintains a sense of privacy by keeping his concerns buried, which allows him to provide exceptional performances and give his all to his work.

Young Mazino Career

Young Mazino, a Korean-American actor, has had a fruitful career in theater and movies. Despite receiving formal music training, he was encouraged by his love of acting to explore the worlds of theater and film at a young age. Young focused on independent shorts and student films after relocating to New York City in 2014.

In 2017, at the acclaimed Stella Adler Studio of Acting, he improved his skills even more. With his appearances in well-known Netflix TV shows like “Beef” with Steven Yeun and Prodigal Son as Alex Wu, Young has shown his talent and made an impression. Young Mazino’s undeniable personality and rising popularity position him to have a huge impact on the entertainment business.

Young Mazino Net Worth

Let’s discuss Young Mazino’s net worth in more detail. Young Mazino’s net worth is now estimated to be about $200,000. Even though it may be a sizable number, Young has just lately entered the sector.

As a rising star, Young has steadily advanced his career while garnering praise for his exceptional acting abilities. His net worth will reach even higher with each new role he secures. Watch this budding star as he makes waves in the entertainment industry and see how his money rises due to his achievement!

Social Media Contacts

Incredible Facts

Young’s Acting Passion

Young had a deep, persistent love for acting early on. A passion that, because of his early understanding of storytelling, still burns fiercely within him.

Musical Background

 Before entering the acting industry, Young received training from professionals in the music industry. He arrived in New York City thanks to his love of music, where he started an exciting journey to achieve his acting goals.

Social Media 

On social media, Young is an expert at interacting with his followers! He maintains a consistent social media presence and engages followers by posting interesting information, behind-the-scenes photos, and updates on his most recent endeavors. His online presence enables close communication with his committed fans and provides a window into his world. Most of the people followed him.

Bilingual Brilliance

Young is bilingual and possesses a fantastic command of language. Due to fluency in Korean and English, he can relate to many audiences.

A Musical Extravaganza

Young is more talented than actors! He sings well, and many musical productions have featured his lovely voice. His ability to captivate audiences transcends acting and includes music as well.


Do you know about Young Mazino?

Young Mazino is a gifted and aspirational person who has drawn notice for his outstanding accomplishments and contributions in several sectors.

What are some of the accomplishments of Young Mazino?

Young Mazino has made notable progress in various fields, including [mentione specific achievements, such as entrepreneurship, music, sports, art, etc.]. His efforts and successes have won him praise and admiration from various audiences.

 How did Young Mazino become so well-known?

Young Mazino’s ascent to fame can be credited to his extraordinary abilities, tenacity, and creative concepts. He has continuously attracted attention and developed a devoted following by showcasing his capacity to thrive in his chosen fields.

Has Young Mazino received any accolades?

Young Mazino has been recognized for his services to [mentioned specific disciplines, such as business, the arts, sports, etc.] with some prizes and distinctions. These honors emphasize his significance and commitment even more.


Young Mazino personifies youth’s unbounded potential and unwavering tenacity. Mazino’s path serves as a reminder that age is never a roadblock to excellence with a bright future ahead. We are excitedly anticipating his outstanding contributions to our world as he continues to inspire and develop. The inspirational tale of young Mazino inspires us all to follow our dreams, face challenges head-on, and follow our passions.

Image source | Instagram @young_mazino_fanaccount

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