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Yeah Mad, which is known as YeahMad TV, is an entertainment company based in Australia. It is famous across various internet platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. This entertainment company was first founded in March 2023 by Ben McCarthy. They care about entertaining content on their channel.

Over the past 6 months, they have amassed 25 million total views on their YouTube with 1.4 million subscribers. They boast a substantial fan base with 1 million followers on Instagram and an additional 1.8 million followers on TikTok.

Yeah Mad Cast

Yeah, Mad has produced many famous series such as Dad Jokes, Don’t Laugh Challenge, Charades, The Roast, Raise Your Spirit, and many more. They have fixed cast members in their team who play the roles after new additions and subtraction. Currently, they have 7 cast members on their team. The names of cast members of Yeah Mad are Abby Boom, Andrew Hamilton, Sath, Sammy Walsh, Akila, Alan Fag and Matty Penglase.

Apart from the cast members, there are a few others who have played cameo roles in their series. Following are the names of Steph Rodney, Chloe Maddren, and others. Please continue reading to learn more about them briefly.

Abby Boom

Abby Boom is a famous cast member of the Yeah Mad team. She opened her eyes to an American family on 14 October 1998 in Australia. According to resources, she has finished her school education, but no further information is available about her higher studies.

The marital status of Abby Boom is single, and she has never been seen in any romantic relationship. People are looking for her family details, which she hasn’t revealed yet.

As a notable cast member of YeadMad TV, she plays a role in almost every video. Several video clips showcasing her talents have accumulated millions of views.

She shares her private life and personal videos, photos, etc on her social media accounts. She possesses nearly 290,000 followers on Instagram and an equivalent number of followers on TikTok. Read Also

Sammy Walsh

Sammy Walsh is another notable member of the Yead Mad cast. She is the only regular female cast member of the channel. She opened her eyes on 13 April 1991 in New South Wales, Australia. She is called Sammy by nickname. Her birthday sign is Aries.

The marital status of Sammy is a mystery as it is officially stated about her marriage. Still, according to her one post on her Instagram, she is married to a person whose name is David Azzi. She is a part of a family that consists of both parents and siblings. Her father goes by the name Paule Walsh, and her mother is known as Gayle Walsh. She has siblings named Sarah and Jack Walsh.

Before becoming a cast member of Yeah Mad TV, she had worked in a corporate job for six years. She became famous after appearing in the Yeah Mad videos.

She has no separate personal channel. She is only working for the Yeah Mad channel. She boasts a following of over 95,000 on her Instagram account. Read Also

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton is a standup comedian who once was a drug dealer and gambler. He is a Sydney-based standup comedian. Along with his profession as a standup comedian, he joined the Yeah Mad cast.

After completing his higher education, he was involved in dr*gs smuggling and g@mbling, which completely changed her life. Once on duty, he was spotted selling drugs and got arrested.

From the beginning, he aspired to become a comedian. Finally, he got the opportunity after his bail from the court. He participated in open mic nights throughout New South Wales.

His fame grew through the success of his performance series called Jokes About the Time I Went to Prison. Apart from his comedy show, he also appeared on the Yeah Mad channel and joined the cast, which doubled his popularity. He also appeared in two Podcasts, namely Flog Cabin and Sh*ts Gone Sideways.


Akila is a well-known personality whose full name is Akila Amaratunga. He is a professional Corporate employee also. As per Akila’s professional profile on LinkedIn, he is currently serving as the Marketing and Content Coordinator at One Day Entertainment.

He is Australian, but his ethnicity is brown. He completed his studies at the University of New South Wales, earning a degree in Psychology with a specialization in marketing. Still, he didn’t reveal about his siblings and parents.

He often appears on the videos of YeahMad TV like other cast members. He has over 26,000 followers on his Instagram account.

Metty Penglase

Metty Penglase is an Australian celebrity. He is a consistent member of the YeahMad channel. He is famous for his Hilarious Dad Jokes. He is also my most loved one.

He values keeping his matters confidential and never discusses his family, like his parents or siblings. He doesn’t engage extensively on social media accounts. He has only Instagram with 18.6k followers.


Sath is another standup comedian like Andrew in the cast. He is Sydney based and he initially started his career as a standup comedian. He also took on a job to earn extra income.

He once felt tired and moved toward the small village of Sri Lanka to live in solitude. He lived there with the monks for months in 2022. He expressed that it was the most amazing and life-changing period which he spent there.

After returning from there, he continued his same job, but this time with a new mindset. He then joined the Yeah Mad cast team as a content creator.

Alan Fang

Alan Fang is a Filmmaker, Writer, and Comedian. As he mentioned on his LinkedIn account his age is 21 now.

He completed his screen media and film diploma from the AFTT (Academy of Film, Theater, and TV). He is Asian Australian as his ancestors have an Asian ethnic background. Yet, there is no detailed information accessible regarding his family background.

Before joining the Yeah Mad’s cast, he worked in different photography and filmmaking fields. Currently, he is the most loved cast member of the Yeah Mad YouTube channel.

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