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Sneako is an American YouTuber, comedian, influencer, and social media personality. The true identity of Sneako is Nico Kenn De Balinthazy. He gained popularity through vlogs, political commentary videos, and collaborations with renowned YouTuber Mr. Beast. His vlogs were also famous, and people were addicted to watching his vlogs.

 His podcast also helped him to gain popularity, and it was entitled “One Minute Podcast.” He has over 2 million followers on his Instagram. He was running 2 YouTube channels, one amassing over 1 million subscribers. Unfortunately, both got banned in 2022 due to violations against the community. Continue reading to learn more about Sneako’s age, wiki, bio, education, family, gf, net worth, and more.

Sneako age
Image source | Instagram@sneako
Real NameNico Kenn De Ballinthazy
Current Age25  years (as of 2023)
Date of Birth8 September 1998
Place of BirthUnited States
HometownUnited States
Zodiac SignVirgo
CollegeNot Known
Famous ForYouTube video


Sneako was born into an American family on September 8, 1998, and spent his entire childhood in his hometown. He went to a school near his home when he was younger, and later, he joined a high school nearby. 

We don’t know much about his graduation. But he’s been into social media since he was a kid. He was always interested in social media. During that period, he was active on Instagram with a small number of followers. Therefore, he decided to turn his focus entirely towards social media as his chosen profession.

He originally came from a Christian family but recently embraced Islam. Information about his parents remains undisclosed, and he has a brother who once appeared in one of his YouTube videos.

Parents & Siblings

Sneako has chosen to keep the identities of his family members private. According to resources, his father is a professional businessman, and their family follows the Christian faith.

He has siblings, including brothers and a sister. Although his brother made an appearance in one of his YouTube videos, his name is still known. Similarly, the identity of his sister is unknown.

Girlfriend & Relationships

Sneako is currently single. Before, he was romantically involved with a model named Lily Fofana. Nevertheless, their relationship was short-lived, and they went their separate ways after a few months of dating. At present, he prioritizes his professional endeavors and chooses to maintain the confidentiality of his personal life. 

Why did Sneako Convert to Islam?

Sneako once revealed why he converted to Islam during his interview. He said, “I was in Dubai, and my friend and I passed through a mosque. His friend asked to enter the mosque to find out how Muslims pray. He said I was wondering whether Muslims believe in Jesus or not? So, I discovered that they do. However, there is a lot in common between us and Muslims. I found out that Allah is the only creator of everything, and Jesus was the Prophet of ALLAH, and Allah sent him to us to spread his message. Now, Hazrat Mohammad is the last prophet of Allah, and Allah is the only creator of everything. Islam is the only right way to beat Satan. The only genuine guidance is the guidance provided by Allah.

Sneako Converted to Islam
Sneako Converted to Islam

Sneako’s Age, Weight, Height and More

Age25 Years
Height5 feet 10 inches
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe Size9(US)


He initiated his career by launching a YouTube channel. In the beginning, he uploaded gaming videos, but the plan didn’t work, and he failed to get a good number of subscribers.

Later, he decided to change his content, so he started uploading vlogs and rants. This time, he succeeded in getting views, and his one video, How people view you, became viral. This video grabbed 5.4 million views.

He also started interviews and uploaded the interview videos on his channel. Currently, his channel got banned in 2022, which had over 1 million subscribers with 96 million views. In 2019, he created his second channel primarily for vlog videos and utilized it for live streaming as well.

After completing the live stream, he extracted the most engaging moments and compiled them into short highlight videos. These clips were then shared on his Instagram and TikTok accounts.

In July 2022, he began doing live streams and started reacting to popular videos. And in that month alone, he gained an additional 265k subscribers.

The following month, he gained another 329k subscribers on his channel. Unfortunately, during the peak of his YouTube career, both his channels got banned due to violations of community guidelines.

Sneako Channels Got Banned from Youtube

Sneako’s videos were trending, marking the peak of his YouTube career when, on October 3, his channels were unexpectedly banned. The ban resulted from violations of community guidelines, and he had never faced that situation before. His remarks and videos on feminism seemingly led to trouble.

Following the ban, he lost all of his 2 million subscribers from both channels at once. As of now, he hasn’t created any new channels, but he remains active on other social media platforms with millions of followers.

Net Worth

Sneako’s total net worth is $2 million. He mostly earned money through his YouTube channel and Patreon. He generated $7000/month on his first YouTube channel. While on his second channel, he was earning through super chats on live streams.

He is also making good money through his Patreon account. On Patreon, there are around 3 tier levels with different paid membership prices. He is also making $ 5,000-10,000 per month from Patreon.

Social Media Contacts



  • He has worked with many famous YouTubers.
  • He converted to Islam in Dubai in 2023.
  • He has more than 1.7 million followers on his Instagram.
  • Sneako’s Twitter followers are around 739k.
  • The Sneako Tikok account also got banned.


What is Sneako’s real name?

The actual name of Sneako is Nico Kenn De Ballinthazy. He is recognized as a prominent YouTuber, comedian, and social media personality.

Does Sneako have Instagram?

Yes, he has an Instagram account with 1.7 million followers. The username of Sneako Instagram is @sneako.

Is Sneako a celebrity?

Yes, Sneako is a renowned YouTube celebrity, and he has earned millions of followers across all social media.

Is Sneako on social media?

Sure! He uses different social media like Instagram and Twitter.

How did Sneako get famous?

Sneako became popular by creating his YouTube channel and vlog posts. Later, his popularity increased by giving reactions to viral videos. He also became famous by sharing his remarks about political issues and raising his voice against feminism.


Sneako is a popular YouTuber, influencer, and social media personality born on September 8, 1998, in America. He spent his early life in his hometown and is still living there. Initially, he was not interested in studying, so he stopped studying and gave priority to social media, as he had a passion for it. He made his YouTube channel and failed to grab the attention of people, so he changed his content and started vlogs and commentary on political issues. That’s how he became a famous YouTuber, but unfortunately, his YouTube channel got banned after sharing his remarks about feminism. Despite this loss, he is still active on Instagram and has a Patreon account. In 2023, he converted to Islam and considered it the right path. He has earned around $2 million in his career.

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