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Mila Antonova (in her late 30s), a Russian bridge player and software engineer, rose to prominence owing to her relationship with Bill Gates, an influential business entrepreneur. Their first meeting occurred in 2009 at the North American Bridge Championships, signaling a watershed event in their relationship.

Mila-Antonova Software engineer
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Learn about Mila Antonova, a Russian bridge player linked to Bill Gates, in this article. Find out her age, spouse, biography, family, ethnicity, parents, siblings, country, etc.

Real NameMila Antonova
ProfessionBridge player and software engineer
AgeLate 30s
Date of BirthNot Known
Zodiac SignNot Known
NationalityNot Known
CollegeNot Known
Famous ForHaving an affair with Bill Gates

Mila Antonova’s Wiki/Bio

Mila Antonova is an excellent person who achieved success in a variety of fields. This biography highlights the many dimensions of Antonova’s career and her effect in numerous sectors, from her development as a skilled Russian card player to her accomplishments as a software engineer and her relationship with the famed millionaire Bill Gates.

The beginning of Mila Antonova’s narrative is when she was a little girl in Russia when her love of card games first took hold. Her entrance to the realm of cards, the growth of her talents, and her unrelenting commitment to perfecting her card-playing techniques are all covered in this part.

Antonova was a brilliant card player, but her intellectual hunger and expertise in technology also inspired her to pursue a profession in software engineering. Antonova was in a recognized role as a software engineer in her field due to her expertise in programming and problem-solving, as well as her outstanding analytical skills.

For a suitable professional choice, Mila Antonova relocated to San Francisco, where she was employed as a software programmer.

Age, Height, and physical attributes

Mila Antonova and Bill Gates met each other when she was around 25, according to several reports. So, she may be in her late 30s at this time. She has brown eyes and reddish-brown hair. Furthermore, her physical traits are yet to be known.

Bill Gates and Mila Antonova

They were formerly friends, and because of their closeness, others were interested in how their lives intersected. Following their first encounter at a bridge event in 2009, Mila Antonova and Bill Gates engaged in extramarital affairs.

Milla Antonova and Bill Gates
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The most intriguing aspect of this relationship was the fact that Bill Gates had been married to Melina Gates at that point of the alleged romance, although they have since separated, and that Mila Antonova was in her twenties while Bill Gates was 55 at that time. Additionally, Bill Gates has a pair of girls and a son.

Mila Antonova’s Husband and Kids

Since Mila Antonova hides the details of her private life from the internet community, it is unclear if she is married. Her online presence is hidden from outside eyes, making details regarding her family or future husband unavailable. Our efforts to learn anything about her spouse or family have been hampered by this veil of mystery.

Nevertheless, her romantic status has drawn attention, especially after a 2010 WSJ piece made public her association with Bill Gates. Due to this affair, she was thrown into the spotlight, sparking rumors regarding her private life. The North American Bridge Championships in Washington, D.C., was where their paths first intersected, and that moment served as the beginning of their relationship.

The next day, another meeting took place in the National Bridge Tournament that same year. It is commonly known that their romance started at this time and lasted till the end of 2017, becoming a significant part of their lives.

The assertion that wealthy businessman Jeffrey Epstein knew about their connection adds mystery to this story. He allegedly used this knowledge to influence Bill Gates and take advantage of their rumored relationship for his gain. They met on a few times, and it’s important to note that Gates’ spokeswoman made it clear that these encounters had only charitable goals as their primary focus.

 Antonova  Career

This part emphasizes the influence she had beyond the worlds of card playing and software engineering, as well as any other notable achievements she may have made. Antonova’s diverse way of living emphasizes her desire to change the world for the better.

Mila Antonova first gained notoriety in 2010 after she made an appearance in a clip posted to YouTube where she discussed her love of bridges and related some stories about meeting Bill Gates. The fascinating narrative of Mila Antonova highlights her extraordinary skills as a Russian software engineer, card player, and ex-Bill Gates date.

Her commitment to perfecting the game of cards, together with her interest in learning new things and her network of friends and acquaintances, make her a unique person. Mila Antonova went to the US to launch an online bridge tutoring business after finishing her basic school education. In 2010, even after making her firm, she couldn’t manage a profitable return on it.

She learned coding to support her passion and ended up getting a job as a software engineer. She chose to remove her social accounts after the rumors of her relationship with Bill Gates gained public attention, even though she has mentioned all of her skills and achievements on Linked.

She had a couple of jobs as a software developer, according to our research. She is now working in a firm called Beyond Pricing as a Senior Software Engineer. She’s a part of the revenue management software sector, but that fact is not yet well recognized.

Because of her engagement in the global bridge scene, Mila Antonova is perhaps well-known in the game industry. She is a skilled bridge player, and her abilities and efforts in the game of bridge have probably motivated other players and raised bridge’s status as an athletic activity.


Mila Antonova owns a whooping estimated net worth of $550,000. The main source of income is now her monthly salary, which is not public. We don’t know how much she earns from this job. However, as per our research, Beyond pays roughly $201K per year to their senior software engineers.


Who is Mila Antonova?

Mila Antonova is a bridge player and software engineer based in Palo Alto, California.

How old is Mila Antonova?

Mila Antonova is in her late 30s.

Is Mila Antonova married?

She never talked about her personal life.

How much is she worth?

She has a net worth of $550,000 (approximately).