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The golf association Good Good Golf was established in the United States. The internet group comprises six people who enjoy producing golf-related content for YouTube and other social media websites.

More than a million people are currently subscribers to the YouTube channel. Continue reading to learn more about the members’ height, family, ethnicity, age, wiki, net worth, and other details.

Good Good Golf members
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NameAge (as of 2023)
Garrett Clark Age23 Years
Stephen Castaneda Age24 Years
Colin Ross Age27 Years
Matt Scharff Age24 Years
Bubbie Age26 Years
Luke Kwon Age31 Years

Good Good Golf Biography 

Good Good Golf is an online golf community, as was already said. The group created the most fantastic golf team in the entire globe. The group’s six members are Stephen Castaneda, Garrett Clark, Colin Ross, Matt Scharff, Bubbie, and Luke Kwon.

Along with these people, the business also hires a permanent videographer named Max Putnam. After the organization’s foundation in 2020, he stayed with it. For additional details about the group members, continue reading.

Stephen Castaneda

The self-titled YouTube channel of Stephen Castaneda has amassed more than 250k subscribers. He is an American citizen born on February 9 to an American family in Kansas. He goes by the full name Stephen Lucilo Castaneda II and is a native Aquarius.

Stephen went to a nearly private school in his town for his education. He additionally attended Kansas Christian College to improve his knowledge.

He has been posting movies on YouTube regularly for more than four years. Along with trickshot videos, he also publishes vlog-style content on YouTube. Later, he collaborated with renowned celebrities like Grace Charis.

He is an American citizen and is believed to have Spanish origin. However, he has two siblings: Glynis, his sister, and Giancarlo, his brother. Stephen did not mention his parents.

Garrett Clark

American YouTuber Garrett Clark, who is well-known, was born and raised there. He has approximately 936k subscribers on his GM Golf YouTube channel. In Kansas, on April 8, 2000, he was born to American family.

Garrett uses the nickname, but he is an Aries. He’s been routinely playing golf for more than ten years. Christ Prep Academy is where he finished his high school education.

On the other hand, his graduation work has yet to be discovered.

He enjoys playing golf and filming himself while doing so. He consequently made his YouTube debut in December 2013. Before posting competition highlights, he originally posted trickshot videos.

John Daly Jr. and Corinna Kopf are featured in his most-watched video, which has amassed over 2.5 million views. He also referenced other well-known internet celebrities.

Matt Scharff

Matt Scharff was born in Pskov, Russia, as opposed to the persons stated above, who were all born in the United States. He was born on April 6, making him an Aries by birth sign. Matt is the name he goes by.

Tonganoxie High School is where Matt received his high school diploma. He subsequently went to Sterling College to get his bachelor’s degree. He took part in the college’s golf tournament.

Additionally, unmarried, he popped the question to Maddie Henderson in August 2022. On TikTok, she has more than 4 million followers.

She publishes various material, including lifestyle pieces, skits, and dance videos.

He has mixed ancestry and is an American national. His family moved to Kansas in the US when he was a little child. However, he didn’t reveal anything about his parents or siblings.

He started on YouTube in June 2019 and has uploaded around 400 videos. Over 30 million people have watched his golf videos. His channel currently has more than 290k subscribers.

Colin Ross

Colin Ross is by far the member of the group with the lowest popularity. His YouTube channel presently only has 98k subscribers. Growing up, he saw a lot of movies, which made him love making videos.

A family from the United States gave birth to Colin Ross there. He is a Capricorn by birth sign because he was born on January 9, 1996. Colin is the name he goes to a high school diploma; nobody knows what he studied in school.

His family members, notably his father, get along well with him. His The Golf Bucketlist series even includes his father. However, we were unable to locate his ancestors’ names.

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Luke Kwon

Luke Kwon is the group’s final participant. His YouTube channel is incredibly well-liked, with more than 174k followers and 10 million total video views. He was born in a Korean family in Seoul, South Korea.

He was born on August 11, and his zodiac sign is Leo. While a student at the University of Oklahoma, he participated in sports. He started his YouTube career in 2017 and pursued a professional golf career in 2016.

He is also the most seasoned golfer in the group, having played consistently for about 20 years. Luke Kwon participated in many competitions and frequently came out on top.

Additionally, Brittany Tu is his girlfriend, even though he is unmarried. She recently received a diploma from the University of North Texas Health Science Center. Kwon has a sibling, but he is unaware of who his parents are.


Like everyone else, Bubbie is a well-known designer of online golf games. He has more than 226k subscribers to his YouTube account. Additionally, he has 850k followers on the well-known platform Tiktok.

He was born on April 16 to an American family in Illinois. His real name is Thomas Borders. According to his date of birth, he is an Aries. After finishing high school, he enrolled at Miami University.

He gained the most of his fame through his trickshot films, which were broadcast on ESPN. While his fastest swing speed is 146 mph, his fastest ball speed is 217 mph.


A multimillion-dollar empire is The Good Good Golf Company. Its value, according to our calculations, is $15 million. The group members diversified into new markets, particularly golf apparel, and created a company of international renown.

The monetization of YouTube videos is the group’s primary source of income. An average of 10 to 15 million people watch their films each month. Due to the frequent publication of extensive information, the visitors encounter a lot of adverts.

They may earn roughly $75,000 monthly via video advertisements. The numbers can also easily exceed the one million mark each year. They will earn much more money if they collaborate with or support brands.

Despite being well-known for their YouTube videos, they primarily profit from selling products. A wide range of goods associated with gold are available for purchase on the company’s official website, including polo shirts, hats, t-shirts, Q-zips, and many other items.

Despite being a little expensive, the goods quickly made many sales. Regardless of price, their fanbase typically very well regarded these products. The yearly sales may exceed eight figures.


In September 2020, Good Good Golf was founded. They uploaded a video showing their home and the development of their group when they first established the channel.

Longtime friends Matt, Stephen, and Garrett were. The three met during their early adolescent years. Furthermore, Micah and Garrett are related. The other two members, Grant and Bubbie, eventually became friends with them and decided to launch an online community.

Grant Horvat and Luke Kwon have both joined the organization since its beginning. Even though it added a few new members, the group also ran into unfortunate situations where a few people decided to cut ties with Good Good.

Micah and Grant announced their permanent departure from the band in a video that Good Good published in December 2022. Horvat has a well-liked YouTube channel with over 426k subscribers, like others. Micah has more than 450k YouTube subscribers and is a well-known golf personality.

Due to legal restrictions, the present members could only provide a little information on the incident. There were just six persons left in the group after they left. Even though all the members are golf influencers, they also like producing content that has nothing to do with the sport.

Over the past three years, the group has regularly created engaging content. They adhere to a weekly posting schedule of three movies.

Their most-watched video has received over 6.6 million overall views. They also got along well with well-known individuals like Rickie Fowler. There are currently 1.32 million+ subscribers to the channel.

In June 2021, the online community launched the Good Good Podcast. On the podcast, the cast frequently discusses golf and other topics.

Despite having released almost 50 episodes, they have released a brand-new episode every month since May 2023.


Do you know who are Good Good Golf people?

Six people administer the Good Good Golf YouTube channel, which has over 1.3 million subscribers and shares golf-related material.

Who are the members of Good Good Golf?

Garrett Clark, Stephen Castaneda, Luke Kwon, Bubbie, Matt Scharff, and Colin Ross.

How old are the members of Good Good Golf?

Garret (age 23), Stephen (age 24), Colin (age 27), Matt (age 24), Bubbie (age 26), and Kwon (age 31).

What is the net worth of Good Good Golf?

$15 million or such.