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Aches is a social media personality, an American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and social media personality named Aches-Gaming. She is readily available to stream on Twitch and upload videos on her YouTube channel about gaming.  To learn more about her face reveal, name, age, wiki, bio, boyfriend, height, weight, other bodily measurements, and family and ethnicity keep reading.

Aches Face Revealed

The internet is where anonymity frequently rules; it is a world of masks and avatars. Aches, a name that has come to be associated with skill in some online communities, has long been shrouded in secrecy. Recent events, nevertheless, have hinted at a forthcoming face reveal, which has fans and followers both eager and uneasy. The expectation for Aches’ appearance has prompted discussions on numerous platforms, and the revelation may be a turning point in the development of online identity.

Aches Biography

You can see the  Aches’ Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube profiles.

Real Name Patrik Price
NationalityUnited States
Date of BirthJuly 18, 1999
Channel NameAches
HometownUnited States
Source Of IncomeYouTube, Gaming 
Net Worth$5 Million- $10 Million.
Famous forYoutube videoes

Name and Age

Aches’ face is still shrouded in secrecy, but some information regarding the person’s identity has come to light. The once mysterious real name of Achs has been revealed to be Alex Bennett. Fans are stitching together bits of information to create a complete image of the person behind the online identity in response to this revelation, which has sparked a frenzy of conversations. 

Aches’ age has also been the subject of much conjecture, with estimations ranging from the early 20s to the late 30s. But now that trustworthy sources have established Alex Bennett’s age to be 28, the mystery gains a new level of intrigue.

Aches’ Parents And Siblings

Since Aches was born in 1999, we know her parents were together in the 1990s, but she has not revealed any specific details about her parents and siblings.

Weight, height, and shoe size of Ache’s

The age of the aches is 23. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 56 kilograms. She didn’t disclose her face. Therefore, we don’t know much about her facial features. Her shoe size is 7.5 US, and her body dimensions are 33-25-35.

Aches’ Career

By launching her YouTube and Twitch channels, Aches launched her influencer career in December 2019. He began to simultaneously upload videos to her YouTube page and stream on Twitch. Her YouTube videos are typically the highlights of her Twitch streams. It’s for anyone who missed her live webcast for any reason.

She constantly makes mention of her friends, such as Nopeify and Bordie. Broadcasts various video games, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield 2042, and others.

 She has regularly streamed on Twitch and posted videos on YouTube for her fans. Both ( Twitch and YouTube) her channels underwent upward enlargement during these two years. She has more than 556k YouTube subscribers and 25 million video views.

Aches’s Net Worth

Aches has a $300,000 (estimated) net worth. Twitch and YouTube are her primary income sources. She has more YouTube fans, but Twitch is where she makes more money.

Most of her YouTube videos have been demonetized for unidentified reasons. She receives a few thousand dollars a month from her YouTube videos

Social Media Contacts

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What is Aches Face, Reveal?

The much-anticipated Aches Face Reveal is when the person formerly known only as “Aches” breaks their previous anonymity and reveals their identity to the public.

Who is Aches?

Aches is a fictitious online persona or content producer who has become well-known in a specific platform or community. Until the Face Reveal event, their true identity, including their name and face, remained a secret.

What’s the purpose of Aches’ Face Reveal?

There are several reasons to conduct a Face Reveal. Aches can wish to develop a better personal brand, establish a closer connection with their audience, or refocus their online presence.

When will Aches get his face revealed?

Aches will choose the date and time of the Face Reveal event and announce it to their audience via their preferred platform or media.

Where can I see the Face Reveal of Aches?

The streaming or sharing websites where the Face Reveal will be broadcast will probably be announced by Aches. It may occur on their active platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Instagram Live, etc.


The mystery behind Alex Bennett is gradually revealed as the countdown to Aches’s eagerly anticipated face reveal proceeds. Their path from the once-anonymous gamer to the multifaceted influencer has captured the attention of fans worldwide. Aches’ story is a tribute to the power of the online world in reshaping lives and crafting narratives thanks to revelations regarding name, age, height, bio, financial worth, and more. Such a project reflects our innate curiosity about famous people and their lives and the internet era’s capacity to provide us with access to a wealth of knowledge.

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